Thursday, October 19, 2017
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Learn more about the different aspects of electronic handling of business messages.

Metrics-driven Development – or why throwing a squirrel overboard might not make much of...

Meetups to explore emerging technology At Pagero, we frequently host the Gothenburg Tech Radar Meetup. This is an initiative to explore emerging technology, share ideas...

Interview: How to ensure compliant e-invoicing

Compliance is a buzzword in the e-invoicing industry. Nazar Paradivskyy, Head of Compliance at Pagero, elaborates on why e-invoicing compliance is important, what a...

A new digital disruptor – the Swedish government

A bold move with great potential In Sweden, we are so accustomed to talking about digital disruptors. About those start-up companies who change the way we...

Why and how you should digitise your B2B channels

Digital is the way to go Commerce between two businesses has for a long time been based on human interaction. Even though it is fun...

Make sure you are ready for the change! Six must haves for successful digitisation

Digitisation the road to increased revenue and profit Any changes in business ultimately have a target of increasing revenue and profit, and digitisation provides you...

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