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Three top tips to streamline your company’s finance department

Speed and flexibility are the key to success In today’s business world, we’ve got used to living with faster and faster developments. We’ve begun to...

SaaS TMS – at your service

Three reasons to implement a SaaS TMS According to Gartner Group, an increasing number of TMS buyers choose a SaaS solution over traditionally licensed software...
android robot thinking in office

Artificial intelligence: the good, the bad and the ugly, part 1

AI developments and possibilities – and some cute puppies We talk all the time about technological advances. Businesses become fully digitised. We push for innovation...

How to verify your freight invoices, lower costs and get better data for decision-making

Extremely difficult task to check freight invoices At Primelog we work with a complex area – namely, freight contracts. There are few other areas that...

Why Pagero Online can take Chorus Pro and e-invoicing to a new dimension in...

2018 a new milestone en route to French digitisation via Chorus Pro Since 1 January 2017, Chorus Pro has already received 10 million e-invoices. This...

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