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How to verify your freight invoices, lower costs and get better data for decision-making

Extremely difficult task to check freight invoices At Primelog we work with a complex area – namely, freight contracts. There are few other areas that...

Why Pagero Online can take Chorus Pro and e-invoicing to a new dimension in...

2018 a new milestone en route to French digitisation via Chorus Pro Since 1 January 2017, Chorus Pro has already received 10 million e-invoices. This...

What is a TMS and why should you invest in one?

TMS is an acronym with multiple meanings TMS is one of many acronyms with multiple meanings. It could signify anything from the name of a...

10 reasons why UAE organisations should remove paper based processes for ordering and invoicing

What prevents the UAE from embracing e-invoicing and e-ordering? The UAE is on track to be one of the world’s ‘smartest’ countries. Individual Emirates are...

Italy first out with mandatory B2B e-invoicing in the EU?

E-invoice developments in Italy Italy, with its VAT gap of EUR 35 billion, the largest among the EU Member States according to a 2015 study,...

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