Friday, November 24, 2017
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Learn more about the different aspects of electronic handling of business messages.


AP Automation – OCR or XML?

Two automation methods with important differences Manual invoice handling – supplier invoice handling in particular – is a time and resource demanding process. The larger...

Mind the gap, ssshhh! don’t mention the gap

NHS in crisis for the last 20 years We love our NHS in the UK. She’s big, expensive and nobody really knows how it all...

When Cyber Attacks

The message is clear: be afraid Take a look at any media outlet today and the message is clear. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Natural...

4 challenges facing Shared Services Centres and how they can be avoided

Shared Services Centres for increased cost efficiency Many companies today have a strong focus on improving cost efficiency. The goal is to streamline the core...

Metrics-driven Development – or why throwing a squirrel overboard might not make much of...

Meetups to explore emerging technology At Pagero, we frequently host the Gothenburg Tech Radar Meetup. This is an initiative to explore emerging technology, share ideas...

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